Marisa- Personal Training & Kickboxing

Jose- Personal Training

Five years ago due to health reasons, I made the decision to change my lifestyle. It wasn't easy, as I know it can be challenging for some of you to make that change. My ultimate goal is to teach you how to adapt to a new healthy way of living. With three years of experience in the fitness industry I can guide you by being your personal trainer/life coach. I offer personal training, boot camp sessions, meal plans, and meal preparation; all customized to meet your personal goals.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss your current fitness and lifestyle challenges, together, we will put together a plan to reach your goals!

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Ray- Personal Training

Danielle- Owner, Bootcamp, & Personal Training

Super D, a.k.a Danielle, is the visionary behind Super D's Training and Fitness Center. For years, she has been training clients and helping them transform their lives, bodies, and minds. Using her fatal comb of the three D's (Determination, Dedication, Discipline), Danielle empowers her clients to blast fat cells and build confidence. She is a huge believer in practicing what she preaches and puts her knowledge into action on a daily basis. Her education includes nutritional training, and true to her meal, you can catch her taking her egg whites with her when she is on the go. Similar to her days in track and field, she never lets hurdles slow her down or get in her way. When she was only seven-years-old, she found out that she was diabetic. However, she never let that stand in her way. To this day she continues to face challenges head-on and pushes herself. Last year,  she raised over $2000 for the American Diabetes Association's Step Out to Stop Diabetes. She has participated in a variety of sports and activities including: hiking, kayaking, distance runs, mud runs, tough mudders, fitness competions and anything else that poses a challenge. Danielle was also selected out of tens of thousands of application to be a contestant on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge!  She also lends her time to various youth sport teams, girl scouts, and groups and is passionate about teaching children about living a healthy lifestyle and of course, provides them with a Super D style work out.  She continues to follow her passion of helping others every day, strives to push people using her signature tough-love approach, and looks forward to welcoming you to her fit fam!

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I have always been interested in physical fitness, it was only when I discovered my passion for helping others did I decide to become a personal trainer. I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and continuously studying to further my knowledge for my clients. Personal training has given me the opportunity to share what I have learned about healthy living and positively impact the lives of others. If I'm not at the gym with a client you can most likely catch me weight lifting, hiking, swimming, bike riding, or at an obstacle course race. I am a strong believer in making exercise fun and I enjoy making creative workouts for my clients. Whether your goal is to improve strength, flexibility, endurance or to lose weight, my programs are made to fit each individuals needs and with hard work and dedication you will see significant improvements in your health.
 Feel free to contact me directly at 909-749-4911


For over 4 years, I have been a certified personal trainer and have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people achieve their personal fitness goals. My main focus is to teach and educate each individual to live a higher quality of life through health and fitness. Based on my skills, knowledge, experience, and the confidence I have in my training program,I am certain I can help you achieve your dreams. I have many active hobbies including hiking, trail running, skateboarding, mountain biking, mixed martial arts and many more. With a great passion for fitness and nutrition, I will transform your lifestyle and improve your quality of life. Simply put, there is nothing more rewarding than transforming your life through fitness. A healthy individual will perform better in all aspects of life. Trust me, this will be fun, and well worth it!

My program includes personal training, bootcamps, and meal plan/prepping. If you train with me, you will burn an insane amount of fat and increase lean muscle mass at the same time. My training repertoire incorporates a vast variety of my specialties including bodybuilding, plyometrics, high intensity interval training, olympic weight lifting, calisthenics, MMA, Muay Thai, cardio Kick Boxing, and more! Whatever your goal is, we will work together and push you to your limits in order to achieve what you never thought possible.

Contact me anytime to discuss your fitness goals!
Marisa G 
(909) 200-7587